Nigeria Summit on National Security 2016
Confronting and containing threats from terrorism and sectarian insurgency.

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Professor John Ifediora

Professor John Ifediora

Director and Editor-in-Chief, Council on African Security and Development

Professor John Ifediora is the Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Council on African Security And Development. An economist and attorney at law, he specializes on public policy analysis, development economics, and international law. For over twenty years, he has lectured widely in these fields at various universities in the United States, Europe, and Africa; and has served as a consultant to governments in Africa, and to state governments in the United States. In recent years, he advised the Wisconsin Department of Revenue on its Tax Incidence Study, served as a special consultant to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in its economic impact study, advised Illinois State Senate on the economic impact of the state lottery on the economy of Chicago, and provided guidance on public healthcare initiatives at the federal level to various African governments.

Professor Ifediora has authored and co-authored books and articles in economics, International law, and public policy, and remains very active in development programs in Africa. As a career academic, he served as the chair of the Economics Department at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, where he established and directed the Center for Applied public Policy. He is the founder and director of Mobile Medics For Africa, a non-profit organization that provides guidance on modern healthcare delivery systems in Africa.
He earned a B.A. from Dakota Wesleyan University; M.A. from the University of Chicago; M.St. from Oxford; M.S. from Cambridge; Juris Doctor (JD), from University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School; Ph.D. in Development Economics/Applied Economics from University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ph.D. in Economics/Public Policy Analysis from University of Illinois at Chicago; and did his post-graduate studies in economics at the London School of Economics.