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In flawless form Nigeria confirms once again its international reputation

Feb 17, 2019
John O. Ifediora* At 2:30AM on February 16 few hours before polling stations were scheduled to open, Mr...

As Nigerians prepare to elect a new president Islamic State militants now control hundreds of square miles of land mass

Feb 04, 2019
Joe Parkinson and Drew Hinshaw.* YOLA, Nigeria—The battle began with two small drones buzzing over a base where more than 500 Nigerian troops guarded the shores of Lake Chad...

Adios, Mr. President! Go in Peace.

Jan 20, 2019
John O. Ifediora. Editorial Commentary. In the 2015 presidential election the editorial board of this council unanimously endorsed candidate Muhammadu Buhari in a piece entitled “It is Time!” The endorsement of his candidacy then was not so much on the belief that his credentials prepared him to run the country as on the assumption that he posed a lesser danger of damage to the country’s welfare than his incumbent opponent, Goodluck Jonathan...

Senegal: Testing for democracy in Nigeria and Senegal in 2019

Jan 08, 2019
Melvin Foote*. Without question Africa is a continent that is very much on the move towards democratic governance...

Development and Security Matters


The Importance and Urgency of a Free and Fair Election

Feb 18, 2019
Editorial Commentary.* At 2:30AM on February 16 few hours before polling stations were scheduled to open, Mr...

Boko Haram, Nigeria’s jihadist group, is gaining strength

Feb 14, 2019
The Economist* An old-fashioned counter-insurgency strategy is failing. A wild-eyed Nigerian soldier looks into the camera: “We don’t have adequate weapons,” he says...

The US and UK take a strong stand on free and fair electoral process in Nigeria. A welcome development!

Jan 30, 2019
John O. Ifediora, Director, and Editor-in-Chief. By all accounts Nigeria’s last presidential election held in March 2015, was reasonably less problematic than the rigged and blood-saturated past attempts at what passed for democratic elections in Africa’s most populous nation-state...

Diversity can distract us from economic inequality

Jan 06, 2019
Giles Fraser. According to the socialist academic Walter Benn Michaels, the reason that rich western liberals talk so much about racism and sexism is so they don’t have to talk so much about economic inequality...

Academic Papers

The Cost And Benefit of Globalization: Who Are The Beneficiaries?

Dec 24, 2018
John Ikerd. Globalization has become a major public issue over the past decade.  Most of the recent controversy has centered on the World Trade Organization (WTO)...

Leadership Structure: The African Experience

Dec 15, 2018
There are indisputably significant divergences in the degree of development of countries across the world...

Sovereignty Matters: Africa, Donors And The Aid Relationship

Dec 05, 2018
William Brown. This article critiques the predominant opinion that aid undermines the sovereignty of African states...

Why Doesn’t Capitalism Flow to Poor Countries?

Dec 04, 2018
Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch. Abstract. We find anecdotal evidence suggesting that governments in poor countries have a more left wing rhetoric than those in OECD countries...

Book Reviews


The End of Alchemy: Money, Banking and the Future of the Global Economy

Jan 06, 2019
Mervyn King. Mervyn King looks like one of those old-fashioned bank managers who cast a paternalistic eye on the nervous customer...

The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa

Dec 18, 2018
Deborah Brautigam. Highly topical. Draws on completely new research in China and Africa to provide the first comprehensive account of Chinese engagement in Africa...

Sustainable Development and Human Rights in Africa

Dec 08, 2018
Picard, Buss, Seybolt, and Lelei. Many new development initiatives have been introduced in Africa over the past few decades...

Canadian Foreign Policy in Africa

Dec 05, 2018
Edward Ansah Akuffo. After over fifty-years of Canadian engagement with Africa, no comprehensive literature exists on Canada's security policy in Africa and relations towards Africa's regional organizations...