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Current Affairs

Former Director General of Nigeria’s National Intelligence Agency Arrested

Apr 07, 2019
John Campbell.* On February 7, the Federal High Court in Lagos issued a warrant for the arrest of Ayodele Oke, former director general of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), and his wife Folasade following an application by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)...

Africans are about to learn the harsh realities of borrowing from China

Apr 03, 2019
John O. Ifediora. Zambians woke up last week to the sight of Chinese nationals in Zambian police uniforms in their capital city of Lusaka...

The Apostles of hope now fill the economic vacuum in Nigeria

Apr 02, 2019
Just a few years back, calling a politician corrupt in Nigeria was synonymous to calling a kettle black...

Why Credible Census Matters in African States

Mar 31, 2019
Editorial Commentary. Knowing how many residents in a country who are properly invested with civil responsibilities that accompany citizenship matters...

Development and Security Matters


Why Norway is not panicking about the oil price collapse

Apr 07, 2019
Paul Buvarp. Norway’s petroleum sector is its most important industry. The petroleum sector accounts for 21...

What Cultural traits engender economic development?

Mar 28, 2019
Francis X. Hezel, SJ. How Flat is the World? "The world is flat," Thomas Friedman has famously declared...

The Importance and Urgency of a Free and Fair Election

Feb 18, 2019
Editorial Commentary.* At 2:30AM on February 16 few hours before polling stations were scheduled to open, Mr...

Boko Haram, Nigeria’s jihadist group, is gaining strength

Feb 14, 2019
The Economist* An old-fashioned counter-insurgency strategy is failing. A wild-eyed Nigerian soldier looks into the camera: “We don’t have adequate weapons,” he says...

Academic Papers

To What Extent Does Economic Dependence Inform the Anachronistic Practice of Female Genital Circumcision in Africa?

Apr 06, 2019
John O. Ifediora. Abstract. Female genital circumcision is a procedure that requires the excision of some tissues that form the female genitalia...

Sovereignty Matters: Africa, Donors And The Aid Relationship

Apr 05, 2019
William Brown. This article critiques the predominant opinion that aid undermines the sovereignty of African states...

The Cost And Benefit of Globalization: Who Are The Beneficiaries?

Apr 03, 2019
John Ikerd. Globalization has become a major public issue over the past decade.  Most of the recent controversy has centered on the World Trade Organization (WTO)...

Leadership Structure: The African Experience

Apr 02, 2019
There are indisputably significant divergences in the degree of development of countries across the world...

Book Reviews


Sustainable Development and Human Rights in Africa

Apr 05, 2019
Picard, Buss, Seybolt, and Lelei. Many new development initiatives have been introduced in Africa over the past few decades...

Africa Resest

Apr 02, 2019
Edited by Dr. Theodore Ahlers and Edited by Dr. Harinder S. Kohli. This book assesses the challenges and provides concrete policy recommendations that can be taken by Africa's leaders and citizens in the key areas to reset their economic trajectory, achieve their desired convergence, and meet the aspirations of their people...

The End of Alchemy: Money, Banking and the Future of the Global Economy

Apr 02, 2019
Mervyn King. Mervyn King looks like one of those old-fashioned bank managers who cast a paternalistic eye on the nervous customer...

The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa

Mar 18, 2019
Deborah Brautigam. Highly topical. Draws on completely new research in China and Africa to provide the first comprehensive account of Chinese engagement in Africa...