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Current Affairs


Peace and Security Summit

Sep 26, 2018
The summit on Peace and Security in Africa held on September 17, 2018 at the African Union Mission in Washington, DC brought together security experts, diplomats, NGOs, and development professionals to address the nexus of insecurity in the continent and economic underdevelopment...

Africans are about to learn the harsh realities of borrowing from China

Sep 23, 2018
John O. Ifediora. Zambians woke up last week to the sight of Chinese nationals in Zambian police uniforms in their capital city of Lusaka...

Education and Development

Sep 20, 2018
*Erna Solberg and Børge Brende. Education is a human right. And, like other human rights, it cannot be taken for granted...

Fighting corruption in Nigeria: Going to a gunfight with knives

Sep 10, 2018
John Ifediora. Time and again Nigerians are placed on notice that those who engage in corrupt practices, especially public officials found wanting in upholding the public trust that define their official capacity, would properly acquaint themselves with the services of a prison warden...

Development and Security Matters


China’s One Belt One Road Globalization Agenda

Sep 24, 2018
Zheping Huang. World leaders gathered in Beijing in May hear China’s plan for global trade: the One Belt One Road initiative...

What Cultural traits engender economic development?

Sep 12, 2018
Francis X. Hezel, SJ. How Flat is the World? "The world is flat," Thomas Friedman has famously declared...

Development would continue to elude a country that fails to educate its citizenry.

Sep 10, 2018
John Ifediora. A long-standing economic theory commonly known as "Economic Convergence" postulates that as world economies develop they would inexorably attain the same level of development through trade based on comparative advantage, technology transfer through direct investment and job out-sourcing...

US Aid to Fragile States: Where Does the Money Go?

Sep 06, 2018
Drew D'Alelio.* By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s poor will be concentrated in fragile states, a shift that has prompted the United States (and other donors) to rethink how to confront the particular challenges of these environments and support a path to greater country resilience...

Academic Papers

The Cost And Benefit of Globalization: Who Are The Beneficiaries?

Sep 18, 2018
John Ikerd. Globalization has become a major public issue over the past decade.  Most of the recent controversy has centered on the World Trade Organization (WTO)...

Why Doesn’t Capitalism Flow to Poor Countries?

Sep 05, 2018
Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch. Abstract. We find anecdotal evidence suggesting that governments in poor countries have a more left wing rhetoric than those in OECD countries...

Leadership Structure: The African Experience

Jul 15, 2018
There are indisputably significant divergences in the degree of development of countries across the world...

Sovereignty Matters: Africa, Donors And The Aid Relationship

Jul 05, 2018
William Brown. This article critiques the predominant opinion that aid undermines the sovereignty of African states...

Book Reviews


Canadian Foreign Policy in Africa

Sep 24, 2018
Edward Ansah Akuffo. After over fifty-years of Canadian engagement with Africa, no comprehensive literature exists on Canada's security policy in Africa and relations towards Africa's regional organizations...

Sustainable Development and Human Rights in Africa

Sep 24, 2018
Picard, Buss, Seybolt, and Lelei. Many new development initiatives have been introduced in Africa over the past few decades...

The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa

Sep 18, 2018
Deborah Brautigam. Highly topical. Draws on completely new research in China and Africa to provide the first comprehensive account of Chinese engagement in Africa...

Africa Resest

Sep 10, 2018
Edited by Dr. Theodore Ahlers and Edited by Dr. Harinder S. Kohli. This book assesses the challenges and provides concrete policy recommendations that can be taken by Africa's leaders and citizens in the key areas to reset their economic trajectory, achieve their desired convergence, and meet the aspirations of their people...